Tissington Trail Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
Easy walking through fields and along the Trail at Tissington.
Moderate (height 260M, 853ft).
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on tracks and in fields/ meadows. 3.25 hours (including breaks).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Round walk from the car park (SK 177521) at Tissington on the Tissington Trail. 6 miles (9.6 Kilometres).

Map Guide: OS Landranger 119 or Outdoor Leisure 24.

Start from the car park at Tissington (GR177521). Walk out into the village towards the pond and turn right up the road with the church on your right. Walk past Tissington Hall (17th Century) on your left (GR174523). Continue and take the left fork in the road and follow for another 200 yards up to the bend ahead. Climb the stile you can see ahead of you into a field (GR172526).

Follow the path across two stiles and fields and into a large field. Cross to the brow of the hill and you will see a farm ahead. There is a stile in the wall about 150 yards to the right of this. Climb this stile into a small field (GR168530).

Climb yet another stile and then two wooden stiles and head down towards the left of the trees to the wall. Climb the stile here and then follow the path in the dip and up the other side of the field ahead (past barns on your left) to the far left corner of the field. Climb over this stile in the corner onto a narrow track (GR165536). Turn right here and head down for 300 yards towards to the bridge ahead, keeping the wall you climbed over to your right. Go through the gate on your right and climb the steps to the trail (GR164537).

Once on the trail turn left and continue along to a car park at the side of the trail around 1 mile away. Watch out for bicycle's on the trail. 50 yards past the car park you must climb a stile on your right into a field (GR156549). Continue down this field until you come to a stile in the wall ahead on your right. Climb this and head downhill to the stile and over onto the road (GR158551). Turn right once on the road and walk for 1/4 mile into Alsop-en-le-Dale. Continue through this small village. Once you have passed the last house on your left you will see a stile in the wall on the left (GR162552). Climb this into the field.

Head diagonal right across the field to the wall with a stile in it. Climb over and head to the top of the next field with another wall with a stile. Climb over and turn right. Follow the wall around for 100 yards until you come to a wood surrounded by walls. Climb over the stile into the wood and follow the path directly ahead until you come out of the other side into yet another field (GR166549).

Cross two more stiles and fields until you begin to drop down to the meadows. Carry on ahead across more fields and stiles until you come to a tarmac road (GR174547). Climb the stile onto the road and cross directly to the other side and over the stile opposite. Walk down hill to the far corner and over the small bridge and stream. Cross the stile and onto the track ahead. Turn right here for 50 yards to a road, past the farm sign (GR178546).

Once at the road turn left and walk for 1/4 mile past some barns on your right. On the right hand side of the road after these you will see a 'public footpath' sign. Climb the stile into the field (GR183545). Go through the field keeping to your right. Over a small stile and up the path with trees on both sides for 1/4 mile. Once at the top go through the small gate where paths join. Turn right and continue for 50 yards down the path and over the stile into a field. Turn left when in the field and follow the path down.

Continue through two small fields to the third and then veer right across the field to a small stile/ bridge over a ditch. Once over turn left and head to the bottom of the fields. Here cross the stream via the larger bridge into the field opposite (GR178538). Climb this field and head through the trees at the top which may take around 10 minutes.

Go through the gate as the stile has been blocked off and cross the field diagonally to a small track. Once on the track turn right and follow round to the cattle grid and gate. Go through and then turn left (do not cross the bridge here) and walk down the path at the side of the wall to meet the trail once again (GR175536).

Once on the trail you must turn left. Follow the path for 1.5 miles (around 25 minutes) directly back to the car park at Tissington.

Walk first completed: September 2000
Walk last updated: November 2001

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