Hathersage Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
A mixture of steady walks through fields and along the River Derwent with a visit to the church at Hathersage to see Little John's grave.
Moderate/ easy.
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on tracks and in fields/ meadows and along the River Derwent. 3.5 to 4.5 hours (2 hours for the easier short walk).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Round walk from the Car park at Hathersage (SK 231813). 7 miles (11.2 Kilometers) or 3.5 miles (5.5Km) for the short walk.

Map Guide: OS Landranger 110 or Outdoor Leisure 1.

Park at the main car park in Hathersage.

Start the walk by exiting the car park opposite the swimming baths and turning right. At the end of the road turn left. Continue walking down the road until you see Dore Lane. Turn right down this lane and go underneath the railway bridge. Just before Nether Hall turn left over a stile and continue walking along the fields towards the main road in the distance.

Once at the main road turn right and walk along towards Leadmill Bridge which crosses the River Derwent. Once over the river, turn right over a stile and follow the path of the river for two hundred yards until you come to a weir. Now start to veer to the left and start gradually climbing the hillside towards a stile. Cross this and continue over a further 2 stiles. Turn right at the top and keeping the wall to your right head for another stile. Climb this and head towards the farm. Fine views of the valley can be seen here. Climb the next stile and head down the narrow road towards Broadhay Farm.

At the bottom of the road just after the corner and Dunge Brook, turn left through a gate where there is also a footpath sign. Start walking up the hill towards the wood keeping the brook on your left. Enter Dunge Wood and continue up into the wood until you come to the wall on your right and you'll see a gate further on. Go through this gate to a field. Enter the field and carry on up the hill towards the farm. Pass through Callow Farm to the right hand side of the farmhouse towards a gate. Turn left once out of the gate and cross over the cattle grid and turn right sharply up the road.

Continue along the road which now levels out for around half a mile and you'll come to Offerton Hall. Follow the road around the hall and continue down the road until you come to a gate on your right hand side. You should be able to see the village of Hope from here now. Go through the gate and head down the steep hill towards the River Derwent again at the bottom. Locate the signpost and cross the river using the stepping stones. Hopefully you'll be able to cross but if you find this is impossible you'll have to turn to the right and follow the river back down to Leadmill Bridge. Once over the river go up the steps and over a stile, veering left across some fields towards the main road (A6187) from Hathersage to Hope.

Cross the road and turn right. If you want to do the shorter walk then head on back to Hathersage down this road. For the longer walk, turn left at Hill Foot and walk up over the railway bridge. Keep a look out for some steps that go up between two houses on your left. Take this path upwards and follow the fence and hedge and cross the stile at the top. Follow the path once you come to grass, onto a lane. Turn left here and carry on a small distance until you come to another road junction on your left. Follow this left turn until you come to a signpost for Hurstclough and Bamford.

Continue on ahead towards the gate. Once through the gate in a field, turn left and head down the hill to the bottom corner. Cross the brook, over the stile and onwards at the public bridleway sign. Go through the gate (if this is still there) and then follow the middle path that appears sunken, between hedges. Go through the metal gate at the end onto Hurstclough Lane.

Turn right and walk up the lane for around half a mile. Start looking out for a stile on the left hand side near a large tree (the road veers to the right slightly here). Climb the stile, turn right and walk along the edge of the field. Climb this stile and the next stile shortly and go through the next gate. Turn right once through the gate and continue heading towards the gate in the wall opposite. Go through the gate and cross the lane and then continue down a driveway to the right. Walk past the house and over the stile here (near the cattle grid). Stanage Edge can be seen ahead.

Follow the path which curves to the left, behind the house, to a gate. One through, turn right over a stile. Now you will start descending the valley. Walk ahead and you'll come to more stiles and gates. You'll have the brook on your right now, and eventually come to a lane. Cross over and go through the gate that is sign posted Hathersage and head over to the stile to the left of the field. Continue once over to another stile. Continue over two more stiles and then you'll find the footbridge and stile. Head up the hill and you'll enter Hathersage churchyard.

Little John's grave is near the Church itself. To find your way back, now you follow the path out of the churchyard, though a series of gates and head down the hill. Turn left once down the hill and you'll enter Hathersage. It should be easy now you have done this walk to find the car park on the opposite side of the road, through a small path.

Walk first completed: April 2003
Walk last updated: January 2004

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