Edale Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
Steady walk from the village of Edale towards Kinder Scout and return down Jacob's Ladder.
Excellent views on the way up and down.
Moderate (height of 608M, 1990ft).
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on track and moorland. 4 - 5 hours (including breaks).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Round walk from Edale (SK 124853). 7.5 miles (12 Kilometres).

Map Guide: OS Landranger 110 or Outdoor Leisure 1.

Start at the car park near Edale Railway Station (GR125853). Head up the lane under the railway bridge and on through the village until you come to a white gate that leads up to a large house (GR123861). Turn right here at the Pennine Way sign and cross the bridge.

Walk over the next stile and up through the field. Keep on the path which bears left, do not walk to the right which heads up to The Nab. Good views of the surrounding valley can be seen from here. Follow the path towards the woods ahead. Go through two gates and turn left over the small bridge over the stream (GR120868). Carry on walking for approx. 1 mile up Grindsbrook Clough until you reach the large boulders.Walk up through these and eventually cross the stream on to the other side.

Now you must carry on walking up through the rocks to the top of the Clough (GR106872). Once at the top you will see moorland ahead of you. Head west to the next set of large visible rocks (GR095873). From here head SW over the stream if it hasn't dried up in during summer, towards the large outcrops known as Crowden Tower. You must cross another stream here.

Keep following this path past more gritstone rocks and head towards the steep slope of Noe Stool (GR083870). Descend this and you'll come upon a crossroad's (GR081861). Turn left here go down a fairly steep path. This becomes Jacob's Ladder (GR1087863). Walk all the way to the bottom and over the bridge.

Walk along this path over a few stiles for approx. 1.5 miles and walk through the gate at Lee Farm (GR096855). Carry on walking for another 1/2 mile until you come to another farm. Turn left here through the gate at Upper Booth Farm and through the yard. Turn right after 10 metres and follow the sign for the Pennine way (GR103853).

The path joins to a grassy field. Walk through the field upwards across to the far right corner following the small signs. Climb stile. Walk up between two large mounds and over the next stile. You will have Broadlee - Bank Tor to your left (GR112856). Cross the last remaining fields walking on flagstones. Come to a final stile in a field then turn right and follow the stream and hedge down back to the post office at Grindsbrook booth.

Walk first completed: May 2000
Walk last updated: November 2001

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