Curbar Edge Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
Good walking across the moorlands overlooking the valleys and estates beyond.
Moderate (height 335M, 1100ft).
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on tracks and moorland. 3.5 - 4 hours (including breaks).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Round walk from Car park situated at Baslow (SK 257721). 7 miles (11.2 Kilometres).

Map Guide: OS Landranger 119 or Outdoor Leisure 24.

Start from the car park at Baslow (GR257722). Cross the main road and head up the hill named Eaton Hill and then turn right up Bar Road. Follow this road up until it becomes a track and then a tree lined path. Follow the path that is signposted Baslow Edge. This path crosses a gate and then splits into two (GR264737). The right path leads to the monument to Wellington, and the left path to the large Eagle Stone. Take the left path.

Walk for around 1 mile across the moorland. Baslow Edge is to your left. Here you can see Baslow, Curbar and Calver. The path then leads to a road (GR261747). Cross the road and through the next gate. To your left now is Curbar Edge and again, fine views are to be had.

Continue across the moorland again for around 1.3 miles until you come to a small signpost in the path. Here a wall joins the path (GR250761), but you must keep to the left. Head down the path to the left turning right once down the start of the slope. This will lead you for a short distance in front off the rocks before bearing left down towards a level grassy path. Here turn left and head for the end of the path. Here is a stile on your right, which you must climb to reach a road.

Cross the road (keeping the Inn to your right) and head down over another stile through a grassy field. Go through the trees in the middle to the bottom. Bear left and you'll come to another stile. Climb over and turn right down a narrow road (GR245760). Once you come to the bridge, cross it and soon afterwards climb a stile on the left to the other side of the River Derwent (GR244760). Follow the path at the side of the river for just over 1/2 mile to a road and bridge.

Cross the road and head down a path signposted Calver Bridge. Climb a stile near the woods and continue along the grasslands for 3/4 mile until you come to a gate at the side of the farm. You can see Curbar Edge to your left all along these meadow paths.

The path over the gate leads to Calver. Turn left and head over the bridge here and to a junction with three roads (GR247745). Take the middle road up the steep hill. After 1/2 mile the road enters Curbar. Here is a signpost for Cliff Cottage on your right (GR252746). Follow the lane for about 200 meters and turn left over a stone stile down the side of the house.

Walk along the path over a field to a stile near Lane Farm. Climb over, turn right and head down the path Climb over two stiles. Once over the second, pass through the next gate ahead and cross the field to another gate. Once over this and another follow the path over the field to yet another gate. Pass this gate and follow the wall on your right down to a stile.

Climb over this and cross a field bearing left towards a set of steps and a stile in the corner. Climb over and walk along the path through Gorse bank Farm (GR255736). Follow Gorse Bank lane for 3/4 mile back towards Baslow. Once in Baslow follow the road around to the right until you see Eaton Hill once again. Walk down to the car park at Baslow.

Walk first completed: February 1999
Walk last updated: November 2001

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