Skiddaw Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
Moderate walk to the peak of Skiddaw.
Excellent views of Keswick from the top.
Moderate/ Difficult (height 931M, 3054ft).
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on road surface and tracks. 4 - 5 hours (including breaks).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Start from Applethwaite or the car park located past the hotel at the same village. 7 miles (11.2 Kilometres).

Map Guide: OS outdoor leisure 4, north western lake district (1:25,000).

This walk is fairly straight forward as it is not easy to get lost, but it is not a circular route. The path is well trodden with lots of people walking this way, but can be quite difficult for the occasional walker as there is a long and steep incline. Hint: If you have a trekking or walking stick then you will benefit from using it on this walk.

It is possible to start from the small village of Applethwaite (GR264257), just north of Keswick, or you can follow the road up to the dedicated car park just to the east the village. Note: The walk from Applethwaite to the car park is very steep.

From the car park (GR281253) climb the stile, turn left and follow the fence along the side of the moor until you reach a fork in the trail (GR283256). Here you must take the left most track. After a hundred or so meters the hill will dip into a small gully. Once at the bottom you can see the task ahead of you, of climbing up this very steep mountain.

Carry on along the track until you reach a large gate across your path. You must cross this gate and continue to climb until the shale and rocks turn to grassy fields. Here the path flattens out slightly. To your left you will pass Little Man (865M, 2838ft) (GR267277). You can get good views from here on a good day of Keswick

Carrying on for another mile you will arrive at the peak of Skiddaw Man (931M, 3054ft) (GR260291), the third highest peak in England. Rest here before continuing down back to the start of the walk. Be careful on the way down as the path is quite slippery even in the dry weather.

Walk first completed: August 1997
Walk last updated: November 2001

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