Robinson Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
Moderate walk to the peak of Robinson, Hindscarth and possible detour to Dale Head.
Excellent views all round.
Moderate (height 753M, 2470ft).
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on tracks. 4 - 5 hours (including breaks).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Start and end at Chapel Bridge (GR232192) near Little Town (near Keswick). 7 miles (11.2 Kilometres), 9 miles (14.5Kilometers) including Dale Head and Maiden Moor.

Map Guide: OS outdoor leisure 4, north western lake district (1:25,000).

Start from Chapel Bridge (GR232192) near Little Town (south west of Keswick). There is a small car park here, enough for around a dozen cars so get here fairly early.

Walking over the bridge and looking south will present you with the peaks of Hindscarth and to the left Dale Head. Turn left and walk up the narrow track past the small chapel on your right (GR229194). Carry on up the track (head for High Snab) and you will reach a gate with a house on the right (GR223189).

Go through the gate and walk down the path until the path starts to rise. Turn right at a group of steps notched into the hillside on your right. This will take you to High Snab Bank (GR217187). Have a rest here after that short but steep climb. Head south west, climbing over three sets of crags. There is a good path here which will take you up to the plateau of Robinson (737M, 2418ft) (GR202162).

Rest here again for a short while before settings off for Hindscarth. Turn south and then south east, down the hill, with the fence on your right. Carry on walking along Littledale Edge and turn north east at (GR214160) up to Hindscarth (727M, 2385ft) (GR215165). To finish the short walk you should continue on north, walking down the past the crags on either side. Once at the bottom of the mountain walk towards Low House Farm (GR228190). Go through the farm down the road and on out back to Chapel Bridge.

Extended Version:

From Hindscarth return south and turn south east. Walk along Hindscarth Edge. After a half a mile you will reach Dale Head (753M, 2470ft) (GR223154). You will see the whole of Newlands valley from here when you look to the North, which is quite spectacular.

Continue east past Dale Head Tarn (GR231152) and then swing north immediately. The track splits here so b sure to take the right one and walk on to High Spy (GR234162). Carry on north to Maiden Moor (GR237182). 1/2 mile past maiden moor you will come to a gully before Cat Bells. This is Hause Gate (GR244192) and you must turn west here and head downhill.

Go downwards and follow the path to the left, past the small waterfall. Follow the stream down until you reach the wall and follow this, keeping it on your right. The path swings round to the left and here you must take a right down to a National Trust sign and a gate (GR234194). Climb over the gate and turn left for 200 meters. Walk down to Chapel Bridge.

Walk first completed: March 1999
Walk last updated: November 2001

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