Ag. Georgious North to Angelokastro Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
Walk to the village's of Pagi, Makrades and then the ancient site of Angelokastro.
Excellent views on the way back and good scenery on the entire walk.
Moderate (height of 500M, 1640ft).
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on road surfaces and tracks. 6 hours (including breaks).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Round walk from Aghios Georgios North up to Angelokastro and return along the old coastal path back to the beach at Ag. Georgios.

10 miles (16 Kilometres).

Map Guide: No Ordnance Survey map available for this walk.

Note: Please take plenty of liquid on the walk in the summer months.

This walk will take you through Olive groves, along quiet tracks and through small traditional Greek villages before eventually finding Angelokastro.

Start from Aghios Georgios North at the southern end of the beach near the restaurant on the corner near the small shops. Follow this road uphill and past the jewellers. You will soon leave Ag Georgios and be walking on the quiet road among the olive trees. You will also pass some fine scenery of the north west of Corfu. After 1.5 miles you will come into the small village of Pagi. Refreshments can be found here.

Taking the road off to the right, just past where you came into Pagi from Ag Georgios will lead you to the village of Prinylas. Here the road splits. Take the left one. This road turns into a track shortly but still head on upwards through shaded woods. Ignore any small roads off to the sides and continue upwards along the twisty track. Only a few vehicles come this way, but you will hear them before you see them. The higher you get the better the views you will see across the bay of Aghios Georgios.

You can probably see the tall mast on the hill at the top. That is where you need to head for. Halfway up the hill the track turns into road once more. Follow this up and then the terrain starts to level out.

The next village you will see will be Vistonas. Do not stray too far into this village as you must eventually head right towards Makrades. This part of the walk is mostly down hill, where you will spot small lizards along the sides of the road.

At Makrades you will see the villager's selling their traditional wares. You may either head down the main street here or keep to the right and go down into the small alleyways of the village and reappear at the other end. Some small tourist shops and a restaurant will provide you with some rest and shade for a while.

From Makrades follow the sign for Krini. This is a very small village you will quickly pass through on your way to Angelokastro. This outcrop of rocks and ancient fortress can be seen from afar (Photo). Take a while to have a look around this 12th century Byzantine fortress. There is a drop 300m to the sea at the peak of the monument so be careful. You can actually see the port of Paleokastritsa from here too.

Unfortunately the walk back up from Angelokastro to Krini and then Makrades is a long one. From Makrades there are two possible ways to get back to Ag Georgios. The first is back the way you came along the road and track to Pagi.

The second way heads along the left of Makrades down a small track through the olive groves again. This was once the old route from Ag Georgios and in places is overgrown.

Follow this track down until you reach the gap in the rocks in front of you. Emerging from the gap you will see the other side of the mountains, and the beach of Aghios Georgios.

This is the home straight. Follow the winding donkey trail down and into the olive groves. The path ahead here had a landslide just before we reached here a few days earlier. If the route is still blocked then retrace your steps a few yards and find an old path leading down at the side of the trail. This will lead you down onto the lower track from where you follow it until you reach the beach at Aghios Georgios North.

Walk first completed: May 1999
Walk last updated: November 2001

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