Ag. Georgious North to Afionas Walk
Overview Countrywalker Grading
Steady walk to the village of Afionas.
Excellent views on the way up and down.
Moderate (height of 300M, 984ft).
Footpaths Time taken
Walking on road surface and tracks. 2.5 hours (including breaks).
Starting/ End Positions Distance
Round walk from the beach of Aghios Georgios North to Afionas. 4 miles (6.4 Kilometres).

Map Guide: No Ordnance Survey map available for this walk.

Note: This is quite an easy walk in that it is a round journey of only 4 miles, but the heat in Corfu in summer will make walking more tiresome and you will need to take some liquid to drink.

The walk can be started from anywhere along the mile of golden sand at Aghios Georgios North. It is possible to walk along the beach, which is quite relaxing as the sea will be at your feet. It may be harder to walk though, so walking at the side of the beach on the road may be better for some.

Head past the row of restaurants (the Delfini is the one we ate at) on the sea front and walk up to the road (if on the beach). You must now follow this road up hill heading past small villas on either side, for about half a mile.

You will eventually come across a junction, from where you must take a sharp left and head toward the small village of Afionas. Whilst walking along this narrow road if you keep to the right side you can see the next bay along and maybe even Arillas in the distance. You can see a nice sunset here too. You will notice kumquat, banana and lemon trees here growing in typical Greek gardens. There is a small restaurant here on the right for refreshments.

After 10 minutes you will come into Afionas and reach the small square. Here you will notice a very small road or track ahead of you between two buildings and behind the large tree. Take this route up and the track will narrow even further. Two hundred yards down this track you will find the Dionisis restaurant with amazing views of the bay of Aghios Georgios North. This restaurant can be seen from anywhere down on the beach, and serves good food also.

Further along, the track opens out into fields. It is possible to walk down the grassy fields and then up to the highest peak of this headland were another fine view of all Aghios Georgios can be seen. Be careful of thorns amongst the undergrowth though.

The walk back down into Aghios Georgios is exactly the same way that you came up, but easier on the legs. There are a few bars along the walk to stop and 'refresh' yourself, but you will always end up on the beach.

Walk first completed: May 1999
Walk last updated: November 2001

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