About the Countrywalker site

We loving walking

The Story Of Our Site

We started the Countrywalker website back in 1999 with regular walks we did mainly in the Peak District National Park, but did expand on this with a few walks in the ever popular Lake District National Park and a few in Madeira and Corfu.

With the advent of digital cameras, photographic quality has increased. We have therefore decided to renew the walks again where possible, to make sure that the routes are still accurate, as well as to update the photographs.

We are now able to design and follow routes using GPS thanks to its introduction. All of the routes on this website we have created ourselves, along with the improved photographs we have taken.

For every walk, we have included a downloadable route in the standard gpx format. Feel free to download this to your device and open in one of the many gps apps available on your device’s app store.

Please always follow the local signage where you are walking, as it may have changed since we last walked it.

Enjoy your walk wherever you are!